Thank you for your interest in our Neighborhood and our annual Home Tour.  The Home Tour
Committee is pleased and proud to host this event each year in which we invite you to stroll
our tree-lined streets and tour some of our area’s finest residences.  Drawing from the
diverse styles of architecture that characterize our neighborhood, we strive to choose
homes that represent the ideal of craftsmanship in one way or another.  Perhaps more
important, they are examples of the dedication of owners who have recognized the beauty of
these homes (which may have been hidden for years) and worked to restore them to their
current inviting condition.

Proceeds of the tours are used to fund neighborhood beautification projects and support our
neighborhood schools and library, as well as underwrite neighborhood functions.  We hope
to foster a sense of community for our residents and an area-wide awareness of Historic
Highlands’ many charms.

Please join us for this annual party; tour the homes, stroll our streets, visit the artists and
craftsmen on display and enjoy the complementary refreshments.  Our tour is “unescorted”,
meaning that all homes are open during tour hours and you can visit any home in any order.  
You need not be there at Noon: most people can complete their tour in under two hours.  
They are all within easy walking distance.  We look forward to welcoming you to our

Ordering Home Tour tickets!

You have time to order advanced sale tickets to the annual Historic Highlands Home Tour,
which will be held during Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday, May 24, 2015 from Noon to 4
p.m.   If you enjoyed previous year's tour, you won't want to miss what we have in store for
you this year.   We're featuring five beautiful homes of varying architectural styles, each built
in the early part of the century and with their own unique features and charm.  They are
located in the Northwest quadrant of our neighborhood.  

Ticket prices are $15 advance purchase, or $20 on the day of the tour.  Discounted tickets
can be ordered in advance online with a credit card.  To purchase tickets visit
//hhnahometour.brownpapertickets.com/     Tickets will also be available for $20 on the day
of the event.  On the day of the event tickets can be picked up at  our Ticket Booth located at
1052 E. Woodbury Rd. between  N. Catalina Ave. and N. Mar Vista Ave.  Parking will be
available on adjacent streets.

The 2015 Historic
Highlands Annual
Home Tour
Sunday - May 24th, 2015
NOON - 4:00PM
Previous Homes on Tour
Previous Homes on Tour
1717 Holliston Ave.
1273 Lexington Ave.
1204 New York Dr.
1176 New York Dr.
1246 Lexington Ave.
1738 Holliston Ave.
1255 Howard St.
1460 Chester Ave.
1436 Chester Ave.
1415 Chester Ave.
1480 Holliston Ave.
1425 Holliston Ave.
1065 Topeka St.
1271 Howard St.
1478 Mar Vista Ave.
1447 Mar Vista Ave.
1411 Mar Vista Ave.
1415 Michigan Ave.
1171 Howard St.
To buy tickets on the day of the tour:

  •  Tickets will also be available for $20 on the day of the event, and can be
      purchased at our Ticket Booth located at 1052 E. Woodbury Rd between
      N. Catalina Ave. and N. Mar Vista Ave.

Parking will be available on adjacent streets.

The Historic Highlands Home Tour is scheduled to make its return this coming Memorial
Day weekend.  A long standing tradition in North Central Pasadena held each Sunday of
Memorial Day weekend, between 1996-2008, this year will be the first Historic Highlands
home tour in seven years.

The annual event was cancelled after the 2008 home tour due in part as a sign of a weak
economy. However, the Historic Highlands home tour once again is scheduled to run,
showing yet another sign of an improving economy.

The Historic Highlands, which is bordered between Washington and New York Avenues on
the North/South and Lake and Hill Avenues on the East/ West, is a Pasadena Landmark
District. Originally settled by early Pasadena pioneers David McPherson and Ezra Dane in
the late 1800’s, today the residential district lined with camphor trees is an interesting
combination of houses in a variety of architectural styles many which have been restored by
their current owners.

This year, the Historic Highlands plans to feature tours of five historic homes on East
Woodbury Road along with Westminster Presbyterian Church which is celebrating its
 The tour offers visitors a rare chance to tour private residences first built in
the 1920’s along with the famed Westminster Church located on Lake Avenue.

The historic neighborhood has been featured on many movies throughout the years
including “Little Giants”, “The Wedding Singer”, “Dr. Doolittle” and “Tuesdays with Morrie”.

Visitors taking the tour receive historical information from volunteers about each house on
the tour as well as on the historical landmark district of Historic Highlands.  Ideal for home
and architectural enthusiasts alike, the Historic Highlands Home Tour is an anticipated
event of the beginning of summer for Pasadena/Altadena residents.